Marc Antoine Autheman

Welcome to our Sustainability Report, the first that Euroclear has published. Behaving as a good citizen in the markets in which we operate is fundamental to our business, and something we care about deeply.

Since Euroclear was established 50 years ago, we have been resolute in our commitment to serving the public good by providing secure and efficient infrastructure for the financial markets, and this is reflected in our approach to corporate responsibility at Euroclear.

I hope you enjoy reading this report.


Euroclear Plc: Our responsibility

This sustainability report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards (Core option). It provides an overview of progress in our four Corporate Responsibility streams during the year of 2017. It also elaborates on our goals for the future in each of these areas.

This stream includes our long-term focus on combatting fraud, money laundering and corruption in our industry, data protection, cyber security and our efforts to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human rights abuse in our operations or supply chain, as well as our aim to assess new suppliers on ESG topics.

This stream also encompasses our efforts to enable activities through which developing markets are opened up to international investment, thereby strengthening their overall economies to the benefit of all.

This stream encompasses our focus on reducing our carbon emissions and our approach to resource use. The introduction of Science-based-Targets in 2017 demonstrates the commitment shown towards reducing our impact on the environment in all the locations where we operate.

We are proud to say that we have been carbon neutral since 2012 and reduced our carbon footprint by 14% in 2017, based on a 2014 baseline.

This stream includes our Diversity & Inclusion mission and our Employee well-being programme, as well as our Health and Safety programme, training opportunities and respect for the human rights of our employees.

This stream encompasses our local and global community initiatives and our Matching Gift scheme, with emphasis upon supporting those less advantaged in our society and those who have little or no access to financial inclusion. We also support young entrepreneurs as they make their way into the workforce and provide volunteering opportunities for our staff.


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