Customer Account Services terminated

Customer Account Services has been terminated 28.2.2019

Finnish Central Securities Depository’s Customer Account Services will be discontinued due to a change in the Finnish law on the book-entry system and securities settlement. As a consequence, those investors who have a book-entry account directly at the Finnish Central Securities Depository will have to transfer their account to another account operator, such as a Finnish commercial bank. 

The Finnish Central Securities Depository Euroclear Finland will send a letter to those investors who are expected to take an action. The transfer of the account can only be performed by the receiving bank upon a request from the investor. 

If you have any further enquiries about the transfer of your book-entry account, please contact a Finnish commercial bank offering account operator services in Finland.

Please act

1. Please write down your book-entry account number within the Customer Account Services (you may find it from the yearly statements and from the letter we have sent you)

2. Please contact a bank

3. Please ask the bank to move your book-entry account to its safekeeping

4. Please act before 28.2.2019.

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