Services for book-entry account customers

As part of the local implementation of the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSD Regulation), the new Act on the Book-Entry System and Clearing Operations will enter into force on 21 June 2017. This means changes to the services for the end-investors provided by Euroclear Finland’s account operator, Customer Account Services. 

What will change?
The current act provides that Euroclear Finland provide safekeeping services free-of-charge for equity instruments to end-investors while the costs of the services are charged from the issuers. The new act no longer requires this. After the new act has entered into force we will:

o Cease accepting new issuers or new securities into Customer Account Services
o Cease opening new accounts into Customer Account Services
o Whole account transfers into Customer Account Services will no longer be performed
o New securities issued after 21 June 2017 can’t be transferred within the book-entry accounts in the Customer Account Services
o Existing securities, issued prior to 21 June 2017, can be transferred within the book-entry accounts in the Customer Account Services
o During the two years transition period our invoicing remains as-is towards current issuers

The Finnish Central Securities Depository (CSD), as an account operator, offers safekeeping services for:private investors and Communities.

You can find the price list, brochure, account terms and account agreement. Note that you can only hold securities that are issued in the Finnish book-entry system.

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Service desk

On weekdays 9:00-15:30 EET

Urho Kekkosen katu 5C, 8th floor

Postal address

Finnish Central Securities Depository

Customer Account Services
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Our all-round services include:

  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Payment of dividends and other incomes
  • Registration of trades
  • Notification of rights issues related to the previous ownership
  • Transferring book-entries between account operators
  • Securities Depository's account operator
  • Registration of pledges
  • Information required for taxation
  • Statement of transactions and Statements of holdings

Notifying changes in your personal data

Any changes must be done via written notification. You can do it by:

  • Writing informal notification
  • Use the Account agreement and tick the box “Change notification" and add name, personal identity number and changed information

Please remember to sign the notification.

Changes in private investors' address can be notified by filling out the form.

Closing the book-entry account

The easiest way to close your book-entry account is:

  • Writing an informal notification
  • Using the Account agreement and ticking the box “Account closure” and inserting the account holder's name and personal identity number

Please remember to sign and send the document to us.

Account notifications via Netposti service

It is possible to receive the notifications, free of charge, via Posti´s Netposti service.

Notifications are available earlier via Netposti service than a paper copy. You will receive information:

  • to your e-mail address and / or 
  • via SMS message

about the coming notifications.

How to activate your Netposti service

  1. Identify yourself via with Finnish bank’s web user rights
  2. Create a contract
  3. Choose the sender; Euroclear Finland Ltd and save
  4. Check your address and change it if needed

Netposti: service desk and more information

Telephone: +358 200 71000
(Mon – Fri 8:00 – 18:00 EET)