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Updated Registration Instruction enters into force on 1 January 2016

Euroclear Finland’s CEO has ratified the new version of the Registration Instruction which enters into force on 1 January 2016.

The main amendments are:
• Amendments directly coming from the new Foundations Act and the Partnership Act are incorporated into the Registration Instruction
• Trustees’ right to obtain securities without the permission of a local register office is expanded to the securities traded in a regulated market or in a MTF in Finland or another EEA country. This amendment is based on the AIFMD implementation and the interpretation is confirmed by the development group of the trusteeship (in Finnish Holhoustoimen kehittämistyöryhmä).
 • Chapter concerning the identification of customers is replaced with references to the Finnish legislation and FIN-FSA’s standard applicable to the account operators.

Registration guidelines
The CEO ratifies, on the basis of Chapter 2 Section 16 of the Act on the Book-Entry System and Clearing Operations, registration guidelines for account operators operating in the book-entry register. It states our view of the principles to be complied with in keeping a register in accordance with good practice. In addition, the guidelines are prepared in cooperation with the account operators and issued for the use thereof. Guidelines are not binding upon account operators (Section 2.2.21 of the Rules of Euroclear Finland).

The Registration Instruction is published on our website 
(www.euroclear.com > About > Rules > Euroclear Finland's rules and CEO's decisions related to the rules)

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