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Release 1 of new CSD system Infinity to be launched in Finland on 1 December 2014

Euroclear Finland is replacing its core CSD platform as part of the migration to T2S.
The roll-out of the new system will be implemented in three phases:

  • Release 1 replacing the current RM (Fixed income) system in 2014
  • Release 2 replacing the OM (Equity) system in 2015, and finally
  • Release 3 outsourcing settlement to T2S in February 2017.

Euroclear Finland and its Market Advisory Group (MAC) agreed today to launch the Release 1 of Infinity on 1 December 2014. The launch was moved by four weeks to the predefined fallback date. This will ensure that all parties will have sufficient time to complete the work needed to adapt to the new platform and to secure a successful production launch.

An updated schedule will be published next week.

For further information, please contact your Relationship Manager at Euroclear Finland.

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