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February statistics published

Take a look at Euroclear Finland's statistics for February 2017. You can find, for example, the number of shareholders per company, and the relative number of foreign shareholders.

Nokia Oyj has the largest number of shareholders in February 2017.

Nokia Oyj, Elisa Oyj, Fortum Oyj and Sampo Oyj hold the largest numbers of shareholders.

Parentheses present the change to the previous month's statistics.

  • NOKIA OYJ       237 533 (-784)
  • ELISA OYJ       198 976 (-81)
  • FORTUM OYJ    133 318 (1 939)
  • SAMPO OYJ      96 316 (2 870)


You can find additional statistics on MyEuroclear.

Euroclear Finland's Statistics

Find the currently available statistics:

  1. Log in to MyEurocleariin or click on "access as a guest" to go straight through.
  2. Click on "News and updates" at the center of the dashboard.
  3. Select the following options from the drop-down menus:
    - By information type: Statistics
    - By entity: Euroclear Finland
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