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Season’s Greetings from Hanna Vainio, CEO, Euroclear Finland

Hanna Vainio, CEO, Euroclear Finland
Hanna Vainio, CEO, Euroclear Finland. Picture by Sami Mannerheimo.

A year full of hard work and many achievements is now drawing to a close. Euroclear Finland has simultaneously been working on many ambitious projects. Our CSD core system renewal has made substantial progress during 2017, and we are confident that the next phase of the project, Infinity Release 2, will go operational in February, paving way to full T2S integration in 2019. We owe a big thank you for all the work and investment our clients have given to the project.

Like all CSDs in Europe, Euroclear Finland also filed for a new license under EU’s CSD Regulation. The requirements set by the CSDR have resulted in an overhaul of our policies and procedures. The work will continue next year. Meeting CSDR requirements has been challenging, but it has also given us an opportunity to review the way we operate and to improve our processes.

Next year will be truly transformative for Euroclear Finland. As the new CSD core system is operational, we will be able to focus on services that will bring unique value to our customers. We acknowledge and appreciate how our clients have been patient and resilient with us. We look forward to making year 2018 a success for all of us.

Wishing you a relaxing holiday,
Hanna Vainio

Season's greetings
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