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Job Shadow day - be the leader of tomorrow

Päivi Penttilä ja Jenny Illman


Junior Achievement’s JA Job Shadow day started in Euroclear Finland’s office for the first time. The JA Job Shadow day brings together Finnish top executives and entrepreneurial minded students for one day. This year Päivi Penttilä, Head of Operations, was shadowed by a high school student from Ekenäs gymnasium, Jenny Illman.

The day has been full of meeting new interesting people, running from one meeting to another - lots of examples of what a real work day could be like in the national central security depository’s office.

For us, as a company, this day gave a privileged opportunity to offer an amazing experience for the student. Junior Achievement Finland’s goal is to ‘advance entrepreneurial attitude and an active lifestyle among Finnish youths by increasing their knowledge of entrepreneurship, providing entrepreneurial experiences, enhancing readiness for working life and financial management skills’. These students will be in the job market in the 2020’s and of course we want to connect with them during their journey into the working life.

- Our co-operation with JA Finland has already given a handful of new ideas and ways of thinking outside the box. The common journey with JA Finland is only beginning and we are so excited about it, says Päivi Penttilä.

This year a total of 29 Finnish business leaders wanted to spend a day of work for with young people, on the 3rd of November. Every participating leader will be shadowed by one student during the day. The participating students came from all around Finland aged 16-23 and they have all taken part in the JA Company Program or in the JA Start Up Program during their studies.


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