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Getting ahead in claims management: Part Two

Everyone wants to get their money on time. However, manual processing and lack of standardisation in the payables and receivables process too often means that funds aren’t available when you need them – not to mention the operational costs and risks involved in managing claims today.

In the second of our two-part series - Getting ahead in claims management - learn more about the benefits for you of our new SetClaim service:

  • Speed – from quicker claims reconciliation to fast and easy onboarding
  • Control – giving you a full overview of your activity and audit trail
  • Flexibility – various connectivity options depending on your needs


  • Annemie Loose, Product Management, Euroclear
  • Kerril Burke, CEO, Merit Software

Watch the webinar, originally broadcast on Tuesday, 22 June 2017


See Part 1 of our series - Getting ahead in claims management

Euroclear webinar channel
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