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Euroclear webinar channel

What you need to know about CSDR

Key elements of the CSD Regulation are set to come into force this year, with important implications for all market participants.


In this webinar, speakers from AFME, ECSDA and Euroclear will take you through:

  • What CSDR aims to achieve 
  • How the new settlement discipline and buy-in regimes impact you
  • Other possible changes impacting you as a market participant
  • Key dates in the gradual roll out of CSDR


Don't be left in the dark about what this new legislation means for you.

View the webcast

This webinar was broadcasted on Wednesday, 29 June - 09:00 (EST), 14:00 (BST), 15:00 (CET)

Follow the link below to access the recorded version.

Euroclear webinar channel

The CSD Regulation - A guide for clients (pdf-175KB)

As the new CSD Regulation comes into force, we want to help you understand what is changing and what the likely implications are for your business so that you can be prepared.

About the speakers

Paul Symons - Euroclear

Paul Symons is  Head of Government Relations at Euroclear. He is responsible for managing Euroclear’s relationships with those stakeholders that influence the regulatory and political context in which Euroclear operates.

Paul is also board member of the European Central Securities Depositories Association and chairs the Association’s Policy Group.


Soraya Belghazi - ECSDA

Soraya Belghazi is the Secretary General of the European Central Securities Depositories Association (ECSDA), which represents 41 (I)CSDs across Europe.

Her role is to facilitate contacts between European CSDs and other stakeholders, including public authorities, in order to achieve an optimal economic and regulatory framework for clearing and settlement.


Stephen Burton – AFME

Stephen Burton, Director in the Post Trade Division of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), has primary responsibility for clearing, settlement and trade confirmation related issues.

He acts as an observer on the T2S Advisory Group, is a member of the T2S Harmonisation Steering Group and assists AFME’s CSDR Task Force and the Due Diligence Questionnaire Task Force.


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