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Leading the charge

Leading the charge

Euroclear sets a new path

Tim Howell has now been leading Euroclear for over three years and has much to be pleased about; the firm has rediscovered its drive and is successfully positioned to meet the challenges and demands of the new financial order.

Year 2013 started with a bullet for Euroclear as the firm set off a cracking pace of change. It's moot what ultimately triggered the momentum for change. A raft of incoming regulations that will result in the redrawing of the investor services map in Europe is one driver. Others include the growing requirement to recast the post-trade landscape as new investor trading patterns evolve.

Re-drawing the post-trade landscape

Today, Euroclear looks at how best to define itself as a service centre for both investors and issuers. On our planned successes, Euroclear's strategy looks to expand business in five areas: expanding fund services; encouraging improvements in post-trade processing; expanding strategic CSD linkages and building services that support the free movement of assets as collateral.

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