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Aberdeen, Artemis and Schroders entrust investment fund settlement to Euroclear UK & Ireland

London, 29 July 2013 – Euroclear UK & Ireland (EUI) has been selected today by three leading investment fund houses in the United Kingdom to settle transactions in their funds: Aberdeen Asset Management, Artemis Fund Managers and Schroders Investment Management. All three already use EUI for automated fund order routing.

John Trundle, Chief Executive Officer of Euroclear UK & Ireland, commented: “The holy Grail of the fund industry is to have a better solution than today’s slow, unreliable and expensive manual approach to fund transaction processing. This can be achieved through robust automation, endorsed by the whole industry. Euroclear UK & Ireland already offers low-cost, low-risk automated settlement and reconciliation services across securities classes. Most fund distributors have already chosen to use Euroclear UK & Ireland, which is also the natural place for fund managers to seek fast, reliable and low-cost processing automation. We are pleased to welcome all three leading fund managers to our service.”

Alan Hawthorn, Global Head of Investor Services at Aberdeen, said: “We see the simplicity of Euroclear UK & Ireland’s fund processing system as an extension of our business model for investors in the United Kingdom. Retail investors are looking to save, which is a good thing – and in parallel they are increasingly expecting transparency around product, process and costs arising. By using Euroclear UK & Ireland, we are assisting the industry in the renaissance of back-to-basics understanding of the product and how it is processed. Automated settlement for bonds and equities has been commonplace at Euroclear UK & Ireland for many years, so there is no reason investment funds shouldn’t follow.”

Ross Leckie, Director of Communications at Artemis, stated: “Our aim at Artemis is to deliver superior investment returns for our clients. Part of that is to understand and adapt to an ever-changing market place. New legislation like the Retail Distribution Review means that we have to be even more attentive in meeting our clients’ bespoke needs. So it is not only a logical, but a natural choice, to ensure that what we offer our clients is supported by cast-iron, post-trade provision through Euroclear UK & Ireland.”

Alex Murton, Head of Transfer Agency UK at Schroders, explained: “By implementing the Euroclear UK & Ireland investment fund solution, we are providing our clients with an efficient, cost-effective and complete investment fund solution. The ease with which transfers, corporate action processing as well as reconciliations can now take place should make mutual fund processing as easy as other asset classes in the UK.”

Euroclear UK & Ireland offers a comprehensive range of fund-related services, including order routing through the EMX Message System, primarily for domestic market transactions. Cross-border fund transactions are routed to Euroclear’s FundSettle platform for asset servicing and settlement between transfer agents, fund promoters and distributors in the UK and abroad. Domestic fund transaction services are also available through other Euroclear central securities depositories.

Note to editors

Aberdeen is an independent asset management company. Formed out of a management buy-out in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1983, Aberdeen is now a FTSE 100 company operating on-the-ground in over 23 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Aberdeen is defined by its pure focus on asset management, including equities, fixed income, property and multi-asset portfolios. All Aberdeen investment solutions are driven by our commitment to straightforward, transparent investment approaches that stress intensive, first-hand research and a long-term view.

As at 31 March 2013, Aberdeen manages assets of GBP 212 billion (USD 322 billion/EUR 251 billion) on behalf of institutional and private investors.

Independent and owner-managed, Artemis opened for business in 1997.

Its aim was outstanding investment performance and client service. All Artemis’ fund managers still share these two precepts – and the same flair and enthusiasm for fund management.

The firm has grown to the extent that it now manages an asset base of some GBP 15 billion as at 31 May 2013. This is spread across a range of 15 unit trusts, an investment trust, a hedge fund, a venture capital trust and both pooled and segregated institutional portfolios.

The Artemis philosophy requires our fund managers to invest in their funds. This means that our fund managers’ interests are directly aligned with those of our investors.

Euroclear UK & Ireland is the central securities depository (CSD) of the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey and the Ilse of Man for all domestic securities, and of Ireland for equities. It provides advanced, low-cost settlement facilities for a wide range of investment funds, corporate and government securities, and equities including those traded on the London Stock Exchange and Irish Stock Exchange.

Euroclear UK & Ireland is part of the Euroclear group, which is the world’s largest provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for bond, equity, derivatives and fund transactions. The Euroclear group also comprises the international CSD, Euroclear Bank, as well as the national CSDs of Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland and Euroclear Sweden.

The Euroclear group settled the equivalent of more than EUR 540 trillion in securities transactions in 2012, representing 163 million domestic and crossborder transactions, and held more than EUR 23 trillion in assets for clients.

At Schroders, asset management is our business and our goals are completely aligned with those of our clients - the creation of long-term value.

Schroders manages GBP 236.5 billion (EUR 279.7 billion/USD 359.2 billion) on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and highnet worth clients from around the world, invested in a broad range of asset classes across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives.

Schroders employs 3,059 talented people worldwide operating from 34 offices in 27 different countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, close to the markets in which we invest and close to our clients.

Schroders has developed under stable ownership for over 200 years and longterm thinking governs our approach to investing, building client relationshipsand growing our business.

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