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New Settlement Insight report launched - free trial

A new easy-to-use report on settlement performance in the CREST system

Euroclear UK & Ireland has launched Settlement Insight - a new, easy-to-use monthly report which gives clients a detailed overview of their settlement activity and performance in the CREST system.

Easier operational performance management

Available for a trial period of 3 months (May-July 2013), the new report comes in response to client demand for increased data provision. The flexible Excel sheet format combines several reports in one, saving clients time and enabling them to see:

  • Unsettled transactions by security type
  • The month-end value of securities clients hold with Euroclear UK & Ireland – by security type
  • Overall CREST system statistics for benchmarking, peer ranking and comparison purposes

Combined reports save time

‘It saves time and makes managing your operational performance in the CREST system much easier,’ explains Euroclear Product Manager, Cevdet Sumbultepe.

Risk management and regulatory reporting

‘As the report lists 'fails' by security type, it can highlight potential issues. Settlement Insight also has a role in systemic risk management and regulatory monitoring. You can use the data to gauge the size your business in the CREST system using a variety of different criteria, and benchmark your position against your peers.’

For a free trial: contact your relationship manager on eui-crm@euroclear.com 


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New Settlement Insight report launched - free trial

New easy-to-use monthly report on your settlement performance in Euroclear UK & Ireland’s CREST system

Sample of Settlement Insight report

See a sample of this new monthly report, giving you an overview of your settlement performance in Euroclear UK & Ireland's CREST settlement system

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