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New Euroclear Bank office opens in Krakow

After months of training and preparation, our new branch in Poland is now fully operational. You may have already noticed that some of your operational queries on new issues, income or funds are now being answered by our experts in Krakow.

 “Spreading Euroclear Bank’s operational and client service functions across different locations has long been part of our Business Continuity Programme”, says Yves Poullet, CEO, Euroclear Bank.

This newest addition to our multi-office structure further strengthens the resilience of our services and infrastructure. In an emergency situation, our goal is to ensure the smooth transfer of operations, while continuing to offer a consistent level of quality and service.

Out of the Krakow office, you will find expert client service and operational support on a range of services starting with new issues, income and FundSettle with more to be added gradually.

 This is Euroclear Bank’s fourth branch office – with others located in Brussels, Braine (Belgium) and Hong Kong.

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