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New T2S migration plan announced

We would like to inform you of the new T2S migration plan that has been endorsed by the CSD Steering Group (CSG) at meetings held on 9 and 10 December 2015.

The new T2S migration plan remains subject to the ESES migration plan being agreed to by its respective ESES supervisory authorities (Belgium, France and the Netherlands), as well as approval by the ECB Governing Council, scheduled for February 2016.

Euroclear remains fully committed to the T2S project. We continue to work closely with the European Central Bank, the CSD community and our clients to ensure a stable and smooth migration.

Revised T2S migration plan

When Migrating CSD
28 March 2016  NBB-SSS and Interbolsa
12 September 2016 ESES CSDs, VP Securities and VP Lux
6 February 2017 Baltic CSDs, Clearstream Banking Frankfurt, CDCP, KDD, KELER, LUX CSD and OeKB CSD
18 September 2017 Euroclear Finland and Iberclear

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