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Remaining T2S migration waves confirmed by ECB

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has confirmed the migration plan for the remaining TARGET2-Securities (T2S) migration waves, in line with the plan endorsed by the CSD Steering Group (CSG). Below, you will find more information about:

  • when the migration waves will take place  
  • which Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) will be part of the migration waves

Euroclear CSDs migrating to T2S

As confirmed:

  • Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France and Euroclear Nederland (ESES) will migrate to T2S in wave 3, scheduled for 12 September 2016 
  • Euroclear Finland will migrate to T2S in wave 5, scheduled for 18 September 2017

Remaining migration waves

Wave   When Migrating CSDs
12 September 2016
  • Euroclear Belgium (ESES), Belgium
  • VP Securities, Denmark
  • Euroclear France (ESES), France
  • VP Lux, Luxembourg
  • Euroclear Nederland (ESES), The Netherlands
6 February 2017
  • OeKB, Austria
  • CBF, Germany
  • Keler, Hungary
  • LuxCSD, Luxembourg
  • CDCP, Slovak Republic
  • KDD, Slovenia
18 September 2017
  • Euroclear Finland, Finland
  • LCD, Latvia
  • EVK, Estonia

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