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Eurobonds to be eligible for T2S settlement in ESES

Euroclear is widely recognised as the market’s first choice for Eurobonds, with 60% of Eurobonds issued held on our books. But did you know you will also be able to settle Eurobonds on T2S through ESES? 

You can already settle Eurodenominated ESCB-eligible Eurobonds in central bank money via the ESES platform, thanks to the existing link between ESES and the Euroclear Bank ICSD environment.

With the launch of ESES on T2S, you will be able to settle these securities on the T2S platform through ESES. As today, you will also benefit from Euroclear’s value-added collateral management services, including triparty, €GCPlus and auto-collateralisation.

Moreover, our highly efficient DVP settlement interoperability allows you to quickly and efficiently move Eurobonds between ESES and Euroclear Bank, and vice-versa, to meet your financing needs in both central bank money and commercial bank money. This is further complemented by our triparty interoperability between ESES and Euroclear Bank, which eases your access to liquidity and collateral held in both environments.

No matter how you plan to operate in T2S, Euroclear gives you access to securities and services you need.

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