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ESES to extend its role as Securities Maintaining Entity on T2S to Eurobonds

With the launch of Wave 1 CSDs to the T2S platform in June 2015, the Euroclear CSDs of Belgium, France and the Netherlands (the ESES CSDs) and Finland became Securities Maintaining Entities (SMEs) on T2S. The SME for a given security is the CSD responsible for ensuring the timely creation, accuracy and maintenance of the securities reference data on T2S.

Currently, the securities for which the Euroclear CSDs act as SME are French, Dutch, Belgian and Finnish securities, as well as any other securities primarily issued in those CSDs. In total, this represents an outstanding of more than €7.5 trillion, which is more than one-third of all T2S-in securities.

As of the launch of Wave 2, ESES will extend its role as SME in T2S to those securities that are eligible in ESES, but not primarily issued in ESES, such as Eurobonds and other non-ESES issued securities.

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