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ESES T2S update – Successful final migration rehearsal

As part of our preparations to safely migrate the ESES CSDs to the T2S platform, we conducted a final migration rehearsal this past weekend with VP Lux, VP Securities and the related National Central Banks involved in Wave 3.

As part of the rehearsal, we completed the migration to the pre-production environment and completed the delivery of functionality, nearly to the full scope that will be available to clients in production.

The migration rehearsal was successfully completed. The progress made since the previous rehearsal reinforces our confidence that the ESES CSDs and the ESES client community will be ready to migrate to the T2S platform in September 2016.

ESES facts and figures

  • The migration process was completed on schedule, with the ‘point of no return’ reached at 10:00 on Sunday, 3 July.
  • 326,642 balances were migrated to the T2S platform, with a rejection rate of 0.14%.
  • 49,584 pending instructions received from ESES clients were migrated to the T2S platform, with a rejection rate of 0.2%.
  • 1,107 new instructions input by clients (DCPs and ICPs) were submitted for settlement in the T2S night-time settlement processes.
  • All reporting on balances and settlement was sent to all clients after the ‘point of no return’.

Going forward

  • We continue to prepare the final delivery of functionality, Lot 6, on 8 August 2016.
  • The migration to the T2S production platform will take place over the weekend of 10-11 September 2016.

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