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Euroclear contributes to payments handbook

Payment Systems: Design, Governance and Oversight is a new handbook for those who oversee, operate and use payment systems.

Editor Bruce J. Summers draws on his three decades of experience in payment systems at the Federal Reserve and as a consultant for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, bringing together authors with practical industry experience from around the world.

John Trundle, CEO of Euroclear UK & Ireland has contributed to this important volume with a chapter entitled ‘Risk management in payment systems’.

Summers, one of the most prominent experts in this field, emphasises the importance of mechanisms such as real-time gross settlement (RTGS), delivery versus payment (DvP), and Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) un preventing the current financial crisis from spiraling out of control.

For more information and to order your copy please visit www.riskbooks.com/payment or email books@incisivemedia.com


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