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Securities lending: The next frontier for ETFs

Securities lending: The next frontier for ETFs

Securities lending: The next frontier for ETFs

ETFs are the most successful financial instrument of the last 15 years. But they still have room to grow.

The industry has been able to develop the right post-trade for multi-listed of ETFs in Europe; the international issuance model. This model is the catalyst to support the growth.

The next milestone on which the industry is focusing on, is to enhance the ETF liquidity by improving the ETF securities lending in Europe. Brokers, market makers and agency lenders do not have today an overall view of the available ETF securities lending pool, due to the current market fragmentation.

This article, featuring iShares, SPDR, State Street and Euroclear, goes some way to explaining how securities lending for ETFs might be an everyday occurrence in the near future in which efficient cross-border ETF structure is in place…

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Mohamed M’Rabti

Mohamed M’Rabti, Director and Deputy Head of Capital Markets, is responsible for Euroclear’s Equity-Linked Asset solutions and FundSettle.
Mr M'Rabti began his career at Euroclear in 2004. Before taking up his current position in 2012, Mr M’Rabti held a number of senior positions within the Euroclear group, including Strategy Issuer Services in the Product Management division. During this time, Mr M’Rabti was highly influential in forging successful partnerships with Capital Precision in the shareholder ID services domain, and with Broadridge in bolstering corporate governance.

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