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2016 - Transforming how we worked together

2016 - Transforming how we worked together

2016 - Transforming how we worked together

Over the last few years, and looking at ETFGI’s data and recent Financial Times articles, it seems ETFs have become the most successful financial instrument of the last twenty years. But, if you look at the mechanics of the industry you will see it has room to grow. To find efficiency. To deliver savings. 

With my team at Euroclear, we have worked with the entire ETF ecosystem to create an international ETF structure. A international structure that uses a single common identifier (ISIN). This means the ETF is fully visible, regardless of its location.  

To date, we have migrated the flagship ETFs for the largest European issuers.  

My team and I are happy to say that 100% of the ETF market can be converted to the International ETF structure.

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So, the potential exists for the entire market to be settled internationally, with all the attendant benefits for liquidity and cost-saving.  

We aren’t there yet. But, imagine a globally connected ETF industry that is fully searchable and easy to trade cross border… 



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Mohamed M’Rabti

Mohamed M’Rabti, Director and Deputy Head of Capital Markets, is responsible for Euroclear’s Equity-Linked Asset solutions and FundSettle.
Mr M'Rabti began his career at Euroclear in 2004. Before taking up his current position in 2012, Mr M’Rabti held a number of senior positions within the Euroclear group, including Strategy Issuer Services in the Product Management division. During this time, Mr M’Rabti was highly influential in forging successful partnerships with Capital Precision in the shareholder ID services domain, and with Broadridge in bolstering corporate governance.

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