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The dashboard

The dashboard With the operations dashboard you can choose the information and tools you need and access them all from one place.

Securities database

Securities database Search our extensive databases for quick access to reference data on securities for Euroclear Bank, the ESES CSDs and Euroclear UK & Ireland.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base Easily find any reference material about our products and services – such as user guides, forms, legal documents, lists and instruction formats.


News & updates

News & updates Find all Euroclear news and updates in one place.

Corporate actions

Corporate actions As Euroclear Bank client, you can get fast and easy access to corporate actions supporting documentation.

Counterparties search

Counterparties search As a Euroclear Bank client, you can find your counterparties quickly online using a BIC, Euroclear Bank code or local code.


Market directory

Market directory As a Euroclear Bank client, you can use the market directory to easily find contact info and account numbers for market contacts across the world.

Real-time tracker

Real-time tracker Refreshed automatically, the real-time tracker allows Euroclear Bank clients to monitor instantly the status of our real-time processes.

Stock loan data for UK and Irish securities

Stock loan data Our stock loan data service is designed to increase market transparency by providing aggregated lending statistics on a security-by-security basis.



e-Forms Cut down on your paperwork with e-Forms designed to make account administration quicker and simpler.


Training Get an overview of all our training sessions and sign up online.

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