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MyEuroclear - your personal knowledge portal

MyEuroclear - your personal knowledge portal


Quick and easy access to information on our website is key to helping you do your job. MyEuroclear allows you to get just the information you need to perform your day-to-day tasks through a personalised portal of operational apps.

Do more with MyEuroclear

We use your feedback to continually enhance MyEuroclear to improve your user experience and ensure you have fast access to information.

See the latest web enhancements

Faster access to information

  • Manage your dashboard easier – When you create a news subscription, bookmark, saved search or favourite contacts, a quick link is now automatically added to your dashboard. Read more
  • Cross-links to related information – The Securities search app now contains links to other relevant information that you might need, such as market information, applicable tax rates, and more.
  • Forms all in one place – The new ‘Forms centre’ in the Knowledge base app gives you fast access to all the forms you need. Read more

Enhanced apps

  • Knowledge base app – We continue to provide you with up-to-date reference information on evolving regulations and industry initiatives such as T2S, T+2 settlement, FATCA, and more. Read more
  • Market directory app – In addition to depositary and regulatory information per market, you can now find the Cash Correspondent account numbers, making it easier to input your instructions. Read more
  • Counterparties search app – T2S has been added as place of settlement for relevant securities. Read more
  • Securities search app – You can now search for confidential securities using the common code as well as ISIN.

Clear overview of information

  • Easy-to-use ‘Basics’ pages – For every service, market or specific projects (e.g. T2S), the ‘Basics’ page allows you to easily browse all the information available on that topic from one centralised place. Read more
  • Overview pages per Euroclear entity – Get a quick overview of all the Euroclear services with quick links to more information. Read more

Knowledge at your fingertips

Did you know you can add quick links directly on your MyEuroclear dashboard to the information you most frequently use?

Tip #1 – Save your searches

Saving a search in the Knowledge base app lets you quickly see all the related info about a specific topic or service.

  1. Search using the search tags
  2. Click Save search
  3. Name it and Save it

See your saved search on your dashboard!

Tip #2 – Add bookmarks

Do you frequently consult the same pages or documents? Don’t waste time searching for it each time.

  1. Go to the page or document you frequently use
  2. Click the bookmark flag

See your bookmark on your dashboard!

Tip #3 – See the news you need

Want to see only the news that is most relevant to you?

  1. Create news subscriptions in the News & updates app
  2. Select your subscription from the drop-down menu under News & updates on your dashboard

See your news on your dashboard!

MyEuroclear – It’s all about the apps!

Apps let you interact with information easier than ever before. That's why in MyEuroclear, you’ll find:

Apps that are relevant

Not everyone needs the same information.

  • You only see the apps specific to your profile
  • Each app helps you perform a different task

Apps that are flexible

Not everyone works the same way.

  • Apps accommodate multiple ways of working and searching
  • You have more ways to find what you need

Information that is accessible

MyEuroclear adapts to you.

  • Login to personalise your dashboard with the news, bookmarks and contacts you choose
  • Or go straight through to access public information

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