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Due diligence

The Euroclear Bank Due Diligence Pack


Whether you are entering into new activity or evaluating your existing activity, carrying out due diligence on your service provider is paramount. This exercise can often take a significant amount of time, from submitting your questionnaire to getting the answers you need.

To increase transparency and efficiency in the process, we have built the Euroclear Bank Due Diligence Pack. Based on all our clients’ questions from the last three years, our comprehensive Due Diligence Pack lets you to carry out your due diligence on Euroclear Bank at any time using one single, up-to-date source of information.

Benefits of the Due Diligence Pack

  • Full transparency – our pack addresses every due diligence question we have received in the last three years, including those present in the questionnaires of AFME, Association of Global Custodians and standard questionnaires from Thomas Murray.
  • Any time access – by logging on to MyEuroclear, you can get the information you need on us whenever you want.
  • Quicker due diligence reviews – you no longer have to wait for us to respond to lengthy questionnaires. Just pick and choose the information you need.
Streamlining the due diligence process
Due diligence

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