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7 ways to reduce your liquidity costs

7 ways to reduce your liquidity costs

Optimising liquidity is one of the success factors of any strategy in the new European post-trade landscape. It’s not only about accessing liquidity to support your settlement activity, but also reducing the cost of liquidity. Whether your counterparties are domestic or international, Euroclear can help you meet your financing objectives and reduce your liquidity costs.

T2S is a game changer for Europe’s financial markets, not least in the area of liquidity management. For one, it effectively creates a new central bank money liquidity environment, alongside the existing commercial bank money liquidity pool, which firms can tap into to support cross-border settlement.

The current focus on liquidity management is driven partly by new regulations, including Basel III and EMIR, that introduce additional capital charges for credit and liquidity consumption. More fundamentally, however, by working with a scale provider like Euroclear you leverage

the opportunities in T2S to ease your access to liquidity and reduce the costs associated with it.

Our ICSD and CSD services are designed to help you benefit from efficient intra-day and end-of-day cash management in T2S and beyond. As one of the world’s largest post-trade market infrastructures, we give you access to the funding support, settlement efficiency, counterparties, instruments, central counterparties, and real-time reporting/forecasting facilities you need to be able to manage your liquidity effectively.

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