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Towards T2S

Entering the new European post-trade landscape

No matter how your business evolves, we’ll support you throughout your journey to T2S and beyond.

With Euroclear as your partner, you benefit from a unique combination of liquidity, collateral management and asset servicing solutions, and the highest levels of asset protection.


New investor CSD link with Monte Titoli

New link with Monte Titoli further strengthens our investor CSD offer

Euroclear France has now established a direct link with Monte Titoli, the Italian Central Securities Depositary, for Italian debt securities.

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Euroclear France launches investor CSD link with the German market

Euroclear France launches investor CSD link with the German market

You can now further increase efficiency by centralising your access to the T2S community and beyond via our Single CSD entry point.

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How T2S could impact the distribution of European funds

T2S and the funds industry

In a post-T2S environment, Euroclear FundsPlace can meet all the fund T2S settlement needs of fund managers and fund distributors.

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Euroclear CSDs migrate to T2S
We are pleased to announce the migration of our ESES CSDs to the T2S platform, alongside the other CSDs connecting to T2S in Wave 3.

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7 ways to reduce your liquidity costs
Optimising liquidity is one of the success factors of any strategy in the new European post-trade landscape. But also key is reducing the cost of liquidity. Here's 7 ways to do so.

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Harmonised ICSD and CSD access to T2S markets

Global ICSD access via Euroclear Bank

Use Euroclear Bank as your single entry point to T2S and all your domestic, cross-border and international securities transactions, worldwide, and fully outsource your settlement needs to us.

T2S - Single CSD access for European markets

Select ESES as your investor CSD for a single CSD entry point to all T2S markets. This eliminates a large part of the operational burdens associated with maintaining multiple CSD (or multiple custodian/agent) relationships.

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T2S - Making waves in liquidity management

T2S making waves in liquidity management
How can firms leverage new opportunities to pool cash and collateral and reduce the cost of financing activity in both central bank and commercial bank money.

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Towards T2S - Enhancing collateral - improve

Enhancing collateral, cash and liquidity management
Get the view from Euroclear and Banque de France on new opportunities to ease collateral mobility, centralise cash management and improve access to liquidity.

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Eurobonds to be eligible for T2S settlement in ESES

With the launch of ESES on T2S, you will be able to settle Eurobonds on the T2S platform through ESES and benefit from our collateral management services.

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ESES to extend its role as SME on T2S Eurobonds

As of the launch of Wave 2, ESES will extend its role as Securities Maintaining Entity in T2S to Eurobonds and other non-ESES issued securities.

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Find out how Euroclear can help you achieve your objectives in T2S and beyond in our brochure 'Entering the new European post-trade landscape'

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