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OTC Derivatives

OTC Derivatives

A paradigm shift

The new global OTC derivatives trading framework requires more transparency and higher standards. But, the timeframe to fully understand and implement changes is compressed.

At Euroclear we understand that your first priority is compliance on a scalable, cost-effective basis.

Our existing collateral management solutions and global network are already helping banks to manage their derivative exposures across market segments.

Why is the industry turning to us?

Our OTC derivatives margin and collateral management solutions offer protection, control and functionality according to your needs, priorities and resources.

With us, you are also compliant with the BCBS and IOSCO mandatory collateral segregation and control requirements.

We have two solutions that will fit all your needs.


  • Third-party account control
  • Triparty account control

Helping you ensure compliance - and beyond

For more information contact our specialist on OTC derivatives:


Olivier de Schaetzen, Head of Product Solutions - Collateral Management





Non-cleared OTC derivatives - Preparing for a new era (pdf-396KB)

Euroclear gives you a solution that meets the BCBS IOSCO WGMR requirements for mandatory collateral segregation and control requirements.

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