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CREST 2020

CREST 2020

Best of CREST 2020

CREST 2020 - Celebration London

To commemorate 20 years of CREST we have compiled the thoughts of many of the leading minds involved in shaping our capital markets. Together they set out a blueprint for success by examining how major challenges were overcome and what can be done to make the securities market even more efficient.

Catch up on the discussions with the CREST 2020 magazine and video interviews.

Thank you to all our guest contributors for making the event and its content so engaging and thoughtful.

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CREST 2020 conference speaker Andrew Hauser

Andrew Hauser

The five lessons learnt from CREST, the impact of technology and internationalising the UK financial services market


CREST 2020 conference speaker Angela Knight

Angela Knight

How the world of finance has changed since 1996

CREST2020 panellists - panel part 1

Panel session

The CREST effects and opportunities
Part 1

CREST2020 panellists - panel part 2

Panel session

The CREST effects and opportunities
Part 2

CREST 2020 conference interviewee Tim Howell

CREST 2020 interview withTim Howell

CREST 2020 conference speaker Hermann Rapp

Hermann Rapp and Gary Wright

CREST and innovation


CREST 2020 conference interviewee John Gubert

CREST 2020 interview with John Gubert

CREST 2020 conference interviewee Charlotte Black

CREST 2020 interview with Charlotte Black

CREST 2020 conference Tim Archer

An interview with Tim Archer

CREST 2020 conference Markus Ruetimann

An interview with Markus Ruetimann

CREST 2020 conference Hermann Rapp

An interview with Hermann Rapp

CREST 2020 conference Gary Wright

An interview with Gary Wright

CREST 2020 conference

An interview with David Wyatt

CREST 2020 conference Paul Symons

An interview with Paul Symons


Examining the lessons from the past 20 years  and how they could be applied to current and future challenges

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