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Sebastien Seailles

Sebastien Seailles


Head of ESES Product Management - Euroclear

Sebastien Seailles is responsible for the Product Management for Euroclear’s ESES markets of Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
In this capacity, he has end-to-end responsibility for developing a full range of products and services in these markets, comprising settlement, safe-keeping and servicing of domestic and cross-border securities including investment funds and triparty collateral management services.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Seailles was Head of Sales for Issuers and Agents for Euroclear France. He joined the Product Management division to lead business development for the ESES markets’ investment funds services.
Mr. Seailles began his career with Sicovam (today Euroclear France) in 1999.

He holds a Master in Economics and a French MBA from the University of Pau (France).

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Collateral Conference 2016
HQLA Funds - A new collateral asset?

The acronym HQLA has appeared in many discussion at banks as it is a key element for the calculation of Basel III regulatory ratio such as the Liquid Coverage Ratio (LCR).

High Quality Liquid Assets are assets that can be converted into cash easily and immediately in private markets.

> Discover how the panel will investigate the opportunities of creating and trading HQLA funds

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