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Angus Scott

Angus Scott


Head of Product Strategy and Innovation - Euroclear

Angus Scott is Head of Product Strategy and Innovation at Euroclear Group. He has over twenty years’ experience in capital markets infrastructure and securities services, specialising in product management, strategy and strategic change management.

In his current role, Mr Scott is responsible for creating and delivering a portfolio of new, commercially viable product opportunities that support Euroclear's strategic agenda. The opportunities within the portfolio range from those that are close to the existing businesses of the Group to more radical, forward looking ideas. The focus on delivery means that taking an innovative approach to the 'how' is as important as the 'what'. He has been working on Blockchain for securities since spring 2013.

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Collateral Conference 2016
Innovation in collateral management

Will the perfect storm of regulatory change and disruptive technology create a revolution in the way we manage collateral?

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