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Our mission and values

Our mission - Post-trade made easy. Our company mission and values serve as a compass as we navigate through market challenges to achieve our common goal of 'post-trade made easy'.

Our mission

We support an open marketplace where scale and connectivity across the spectrum of market participants are competitive strengths.

We have the financial discipline of a ‘for profit’ entity and the commitment to support market stability, deliver shared economies of scale and develop markets locally and globally.

We serve the public good by ensuring the efficiency of markets and actively enabling the reduction of risk.

Our values

Our corporate values are encapsulated in the word REACH, which stands for:

  • Respect
  • Effective
  • Accountable
  • Client first
  • Helpful 

REACH embodies our aim to exceed expectations, to take advantage of new opportunities and to reach out to help our clients achieve success.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct expands upon our values to assist our employees in making decisions. It brings together our ethical and compliance principles, and gives our employees guidance on how to put those into practice.

Managing external conflicts of interest

Euroclear commits to managing any potential conflicts of interest. Our fact sheet sets out for our employees the importance of identifying and reporting potential conflicts in a timely manner.

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