Elona IT System Engineer ‐ Brussels

"At Euroclear, there are no boundaries to your potential and there is the opportunity to grow in your function, or even move into another path entirely."

Elona - the Interview

Job title : IT System Engineer

Location : Brussels

Why did you choose to pursue an IT role at Euroclear ?

I studied Applied Informatics in Greece and then Computer Science and Engineering in Belgium at the Vrije University of Brussels before taking up a traineeship at IBM in Belgium in the Cloud Computing Division. With this background, I wanted to join a business with a strong focus on IT, where I could work in a state of the art environment and implement complex solutions.

Euroclear ticked all the boxes. In fact, it’s probably a unique challenge. As a financial market infrastructure ensuing business continuity and back up is vital, so we run critical applications operating in three data centres which adds to the complexity of the work we do.

Personally, I also found it very motivating that our work would help the world’s financial markets to function smoothly, being part of a group that settles over €1.7 billion of transactions every day.

The application process was fairly straightforward. I sent my CV through the online system. There were then three rounds of interviews, giving me the chance to get to know the business a bit better. After that, it was just a case of finalising the formalities and I joined a short while later.

Can you provide an insight into the projects you work on?

I’ve been here for 3 years and have had the opportunity to work on a range of projects already. As an IT systems engineer I work on a range of different technologies including SharePoint, Microsoft BI Stack and Jive Collaboration Software.

I am the product owner for the deployment of Jive software throughout Euroclear, helping to adapt it to our requirements as a collaborative working platform – known as Pulse+ - that integrates with other applications, such as Microsoft Office tools. As well as the architecture design and implementing technical upgrades, this project has allowed me to learn new skills that go beyond technology, including project coordination and stakeholder management.

What learning opportunities have you had?

Learning from experienced colleagues on the job is the most effective way of really developing, especially with such a variety of different and challenging technologies. My manager is very supportive, coaching me as I pick up and use my new areas of expertise.

In addition I have benefitted from a range of training to support my role, building a learning path and evolving my skills. At Euroclear, there are no boundaries to your potential and there is the opportunity to grow in your function, or even move into another path entirely.

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