What does Euroclearability mean ?


A capital market becomes Euroclearable when it establishes a clearing and settlement link with Euroclear, the international central securities depository (ICSD), and adopts the legal, regulatory and other market standards that allow Euroclear to provide the same ease of access and degree of asset protection expected by international investors in any well-established market.

Why do international investors want markets to have the Euroclearable stamp?


The Euroclearable stamp can gives international investors the confidence to invest in domestic securities in local markets because it confirms those markets operate the same robust frameworks as those found in the well-established markets.

How do we help markets become Euroclearable?

  1. We listen and understand to the needs of the market and the investors.
  2. We help the local market and government to offer the same robust levels of connectivity, control and post trade efficiency as other markets.
  3. We collaborate with international agencies – e.g. World Bank, IFC, EBRD - to support change and foster sustainable and inclusive growth.
  4. We partner with local market authorities to create an infrastructure and regulatory framework that encourages foreign investment and local capital market development.

Case studies

Read more about how we have helped some of the world’s local markets succeed.

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