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How does Euroclearability work? The stamp of approval


Building the cable car to sustainable growth

Markets that become Euroclearable are achieving greater market efficiency and sustainable growth while attracting more international investors and reducing borrowing costs.

See how local markets implement structural reform to link with international markets

Benefits of Euroclearability

Deeper, robust local capital markets


Is the ETF boom also a stock market liquidity booster?

Stephan Pouyat, Euroclear's Global Head of Capital Markets and Funds Services, shares his thoughts on how the rise of multi-listed instruments, like the new International ETF, offers local fund and equities markets a way to boost liquidity & local business

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Boosting the ecosystem of emerging markets

Broadening & deepening a capital market is one way to accelerate growth & advance sustainable development, market liquidity, stable investment inflows.

Discover how countries create conditions in which the private and public sectors can borrow or raise capital efficiently

Efficient funding programmes for greater market liquidity


Looking beyond the World Bank debt study

A recent report from the World Bank titled “Why are more sovereigns issuing in Euros? Choosing between USD and EUR-denominated bonds” offers some interesting insights into the different motivations that help shape a country’s international debt issuance.

Find out how governments build efficient funding programmes

Setting a sovereign borrowing strategy

Since 2013, Latin America has seen an increasing trend towards borrowing in euros. Have countries found a four-step process to achieving greater funding diversity?

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Local market financial inclusion through public/private partnerships


Sustainable Asian development

Stephan Pouyat, Euroclear's Global Head of Capital Markets and Funds Services, shares his thoughts on stewardship of capital and the importance of creating an open government bond market.

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Rethinking the PPP funding challenge

Is PPP debt the next emerging asset class? According to the World Bank, 17 countries across Latin America have fully functioning PPP units, and PPP accounts for about 40% of the region’s yearly infrastructure commitments.

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Euroclearability in practise


Peru issue win-win for investors and local market

Peru issues first Euroclearable local currency-denominated bond - around 70% of the $3bn-plus issue was taken up by non-resident investors.

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Sukuk market needs more harmonisation

Harmonisation and standardisation are vital ingredients for the sukuk market to become an accessible investment destination.

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Bond Connect - high point to access China

Bond Connect launch gives international investors access to Chinese equities as China furthers its integration with the world’s capital markets.

See how China builds a platform for sustainable growth

Kazakhstan looks to open local bond market

Kazakhstan is working with Euroclear to open its USD 28 billion local-currency debt market to foreign investors

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Sustainable investing

Engaging international investors by reducing local market risk


UN development goals and ESG investing

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ESG: Making a country's credentials count

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Case studies

Partnering for consistency & security as standard