Emerging markets

Paving the way for international banks and global investors to seek diversification and yield in local markets globally. Our aim is to deliver the same efficient and robust service standards that apply in the more established markets. 

Global investors

We give you the confidence to invest in domestic securities by connecting you to local issuers in the most efficient manner possible.

We do this by ensuring you can operate within the same framework, and in the same format, as in the well-established markets that have traditionally attracted high levels of international investment.

"By partnering with local markets, we help you to simplify your decision making"

Local markets

We help you to provide investors with certainty and easier access. We do this by collaborating with governments and market authorities to support the development of appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks. 

Meeting your precise needs

We understand investors have concerns over market accessibility, liquidity, asset protection and settlement finality.

We also understand local market authorities have concerns about the quality of investors, AML/KYC practices of investors’ jurisdictions, hot money flow and impact on their currency.

This is why we partner with local market authorities. Together we design solutions that provide better standards of accessibility, liquidity, asset protection and settlement finality in line with developed markets.

This means you can make your investment decisions without having to make secondary judgments about the efficiency of local markets.

We call what we do ‘making a market Euroclearable'.

What does Euroclearable mean?

A capital market becomes Euroclearable when it establishes a settlement link with Euroclear, the international central securities depository (ICSD), and adopts the legal, regulatory and other market standards that provide the same ease of access, degree of asset protection and settlement finality that international investors would experience in any well-established market. 

How we do it

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