SetClaim - Increasing efficiency

Bringing full STP into claims management

The persistence of manual processing in the management of coupon and dividend claims impedes efficiency and drives up costs and risks.

Automation has long been the rule in the transaction space. But in claims management, operations staff still juggle Word and Excel templates in a system that is slow and prone to error.

No small matter

There may be thousands of claims to deal with each day. It is not unusual, therefore, for fail rates to top 30%. This can have a wider impact too – hitting areas such as payments, settlement, risk and regulatory capital.

Many firms have moved operations offshore to reduce costs. But, where manual processing is involved, that does not improve efficiency or cut risk.

With Setclaim you can improve efficiency (reduced time, errors and costs)

SetClaim: the automated solution

Euroclear’s SetClaim transforms claims processing by automating the matching of payables and receivables through a central hub.

This brings key benefits:

  • Multilateral matching – time-consuming counterparty-by-counterparty bilateral matching is replaced by a fast and efficient process involving multiple counterparties. 
  • Focus on exceptions – replaces an unstructured process with one based on exceptions, allowing better use of resources.
  • More control – automatically provides a full audit trail, giving you an overview of activities by currency, market or instrument, together with the ability to tie payments into your credit risk systems and analyse the performance of your counterparties.
  • Netting opportunities – enables payment netting and aggregation with full reconciliation of the underlying items so you reduce the number of transactions and payment costs.
  • Scalability – a global solution that efficiently processes any volume of claims and helps reduce key staff dependencies.
  • Guaranteed delivery – once it is sent, you can be sure your claim instruction will be delivered, and track whether it has been matched by your counterparty

Get started today

SetClaim is easy to implement. You can be up and running with a simple software upload.

To get a free business case analysis based on your current claims activity, contact your Relationship Manager or Nathan Hunt at: