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Panel discussion: tapping into academic research in today's turbulent world

The financial services industry has a complex technical infrastructure, rich stores of data, and an array of mature processes and practices. The sheer pace of change can make it difficult to recognise where to go for critical lessons and evidence-based insights, and to harness the knowledge these resources can provide.

The challenges are well-known: new technologies, cybersecurity, geo-politics, and a more demanding customer base. The SWIFT Institute works to support the industry by sponsoring independent research into topics affecting the industry and its customers world-wide.

Academic research provides objective insights into how to manage in today’s turbulent world, and be better prepared for the future. Academia and the financial industry have different goals and timeframes, but have substantial overlap in their interests.

Collaborations benefit us all by increasing knowledge and understanding of today’s business practices and addressing tomorrow’s challenges. What are the right topics to focus research efforts on? What questions can be asked and answered regarding cyber, regulation, and technology?

An expert panel of academics and industry practitioners discussed academic research contributions to date, and how to derive more value from it.