Francis J. La Salla

Mr. La Salla was appointed non-executive Director of Euroclear plc (“PLC”) and Euroclear SA/NV (“ESA”) in September and October 2012 respectively. Euroclear plc was succeeded by Euroclear Holding in November 2018, on whose Board of Directors he served a first time until May 2019.

Mr. La Salla was a member of the Nominations & Governance Committee and of the Remuneration Committee of PLC. 

Mr. La Salla is a member of the Risk Committee of ESA. 

Mr. La Salla is Senior Executive Vice President of BNY Mellon and CEO Issuer Services business since June 2017. He was responsible for AIS until May 2017. Before that he was Managing Director and a member of the Executive Committee of Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company. He is also a member of the Operating Committee of BNY Mellon. 

Prior to the acquisition of Pershing by BNY Mellon in May 2003, Mr. La Salla was the president and COO of BNY Clearing Services LLC.